Know The Benefits of Original Rudraksha


Since the dawn of humanity, we have heard stories about the multi-purpose benefits of Rudrakshas. Rudraksha is normally identified with the aid of using the natural deep reduced traces at the surface. Each of those reduced traces represents the range of surface on that precise Bead. According to the historic sacred texts, rudrakshas are found to have  0-38 surfaces. Each Face rudraksha has its spiritual and inexplicable powers. Wholehearted bhakts of Bhagwan Shiva put on the Rudraksha Mala, which they use for counting whilst practising their mantra or name.

The word Rudraksha has come from two Sanskrit root words, namely Rudra (another name for Bhagwan Shiv) and Aksha( meaning eye), so these meanings amount to the eye of Bhagwan Shiv. This symbolises the magnificent third eye of Bhagwan Shiv implying realisation. Rudraksha is actually the seed of a tree found in the range of the Himalayas commonly known as the Rudraksha tree. There are many scriptures(eg. Suta Samhita and Upadesa Kandam) that accounts for the attainment of liberation from this materialistic world by numerous saints.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha

The maximum desired rudraksha mala amongst Bhakts is the six faced Rudraksha mala, this is the mala of Kartikeya, The second son of Bhagwan Shiva, and Mata Parvati, also commonly known all over India as God of War.

Like every great knowledge, we have a story to tell, passed down from generation to generation because stories are the best way to share knowledge.

Bhagwan Shiv is known for his child-like innocence, he does not differentiate between devtas(divine beings) and asuras(evil beings) if they are on the right path, knowing this, 3 asur brothers namely Vidyunmali, Tharkaksha, and kamlaksha started doing Tapa(meditating mind on the creator) to please Bhagwan Shiv. They were successful in this conquest and became invincible by gaining boons by Bhagwan Shiv in the means of flying citadels of gold, silver, and iron respectively. As in the nature of asura they roamed around the earth and conquered it with the help of their occult powers not only the earth but also the world of devtas. To seek refuge from their atrocities devtas went to Bhagwan Shiv and prayed to protect them. Bhagwan Shiv listened to their prayers and  appeared in front of the three brothers, being innocent and compassionate Bhagwan instructed the asurs to mend their ways but they did not listen and were destroyed along with the citadels like light destroys darkness, the truth destroys lies, and illusion, they were destroyed at the same time a tear fell from the eye of the Bhagwan to earth, becoming the Rudraksha seed.

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6 Mukhi Rudraksha benefits:

  • This particular rudraksha endow the bearer with success and internal wisdom
  • Gives to bearer the necessary power to save him/her from worldly sorrows
  • Scriptures inform us that the bearer’s sacral chakra is energised
  • Eliminates the negative effects of the astrological condition known as mangal dosh

4 Mukhi Rudraksha

Four Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes the four Vedas. Four Mukhi Rudraksha carries the energies of Guru Brihaspati. According to the scriptures, Bhagwan Brahma was assigned with the creation of this world. Brahmaji has four heads and four arms containing the Vedas, a Kamandal, a ladle, and a Mala. The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha offers to get the right of entry to the splendor of the thoughts.

The four-face Rudraksha may be worn with the aid of using devotion by absolutely anyone and it’s far critical for individuals who are searching for expertise, comprehending the essence in the cause of the creation. The one who has put on 4 Mukhi rudraksha profits expertise from all of the 4 cardinal directions. It is appropriate for all four samskaras of human existence i.e.  Grihastha, Brahmacharya, Vanaprastha, and Sannyasa.

Char Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits:

  • It is enormously useful for researchers, journalists, scholars, businessmen, students, writers, and teachers.
  • This mystical 4 Mukhi Rudraksha frequently brings approximately an advantageous extrude withinside the existence of the wearer.
  • It gets rid of darkness and gets the wearer to the truth.
  • It helps in the proper flowing of energy through the 7 chakras present in the astral body.
  • It has more advantageous divine vibrations.
  • It is prescribed for those who have an introverted/shy nature
  • It also helps in meditating while using a mantra/name or in a normal state of meditation

Rudrakshas come integrated with many stories and its multipurpose benefits, to choose which Rudraksha is most suitable for your journey and by under this crucial information we provide authentic rudraksha at original rudraksha price for you must seek consultation as it is no normal ornament, it is the divine seed capable of transforming lives.