7 Mukhi Rudraksha – Divine Blessings Of Anang Mahadeva

7 Mukhi Rudraksha – Divine Blessings Of Anang Mahadeva

There are more than 21 varieties of Rudraksha and 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is one of them. This is the most powerful rudraksha also known as the Saat Mukhi Rudraksha.

According to its name, this Rudraksha has 7 lines or Mukhis on it and thus, imparts some different benefits as compared to other Rudrakshas. It reflects the Anang form of Lord Shiva and therefore makes it significant for the wearers.

This Rudraksha imparts some benefits to the person who wears this Rudraksha. According to the challenges one faces in life, he/she can take free astrological advice at Rudrakshalife.com and get to know about the suitability of Rudraksha.

The Essence of the Seven Mukhi Rudraksha:

The Saptamatrikas bestow their blessings and the graces of Goddess Lakshmi onto the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha. This bead is also blessed by the seven Rishis known as Saptarishis, Sun, Mahasen, Anang, and Ananta, the serpent.
(Shiv Purana, Chapter. 25, Shloka. 72)The word “Ananta” (infinite) actually provides insight into the range of abilities this bead user has. According to the Vedas, Lord Vishnu said that Ananta was the king of all snakes. Lord Vishnu is frequently shown riding Ananta with Sthira (stable) Lakshmi. As a result, this bead represents Goddess Lakshmi. The goddess Lakshmi’s presence removes bad luck and gives prosperity, fame, and advancement to the wearer. According to the writings, the wearer of this bead feels this power.

Story of Goddess Lakshmi & 7 Mukhi Rudraksha:

Wealth and abundance are known to be bestowed by the goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi left Lord Indra without glory when he was cursed by Rishi Durvasa for being arrogant and careless. After this moment Goddess Lakshmi blessed the Naaglok and Asurlok. She bestowed countless blessings upon Bali, the king of the Asuras.

The decision to churn the ocean was made when the search for Amrut got underway. In the midst of the churning, both Devas and Asuras witnessed her emerge from the ocean of milk. She immediately traveled to Vaikuntha with her husband Lord Vishnu. This is the place where the Goddess Lakshmi sits on the mighty Ananta Naag along with Lord Vishnu in her Sthira form.

According to the Padma Purana, the seven facets of the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha are home to seven mighty snakes. Snakes, or nagas, are powerful elemental beings. Because of the blessings of these Nagas, the wearer of this bead is immune to all poisoning. Crimes like stealing, adultery, and drug misuse are sins and bring about bad karma, the faults that result from them are forgiven by this bead.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Ruling Planet 

Saturn is known to be the planet that rules the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha. The Rudraksha is said to be a very powerful and sacred bead that is used for protection and healing. It is believed that Rudraksha has the power to change one’s destiny and can help to overcome problems and difficulties in life. The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is said to be ruled by Saturn and is associated with the planet’s energy. It is believed that this Rudraksha can help to reduce the negative effects of Saturn in one’s life and can also bring good luck and fortune.

7 Face Rudraksha Ruling God 

Goddess Laxmi is known to be the ruling God of the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha. Also called the Maha Lakshmi, she is the Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. She is said to bring good luck and is worshipped by many. The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha represents her and is considered to be a very powerful and auspicious bead. It is believed to bestow all kinds of worldly pleasures and comforts on the wearer and fulfill all their desires. Wearing this Rudraksha is said to bring one closer to Goddess Lakshmi and help in attaining her blessings.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

There are some mantras associated with this Rudraksha. Chanting them 108 times will help to get connected with Rudraksha in a strong way.

  • Om Hum Namah
  • Om Mahalakshmi Namah
  • Om Namah Shivaya
  • Om Hreem Kreem Gloum Hreem Shroum

These are some mantras among which even if one is chanted with pure mind and heart then it can be beneficial for you.

Who Should Wear the Seven Mukhi Rudraksha?

According to scriptures, the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha reduces the planet Saturn’s negative impacts. According to the Puranas, when Lakshmi leaves Saturn after administering justice during the Sade Sati era, it is always agreeable. In the Matsya Purana, it is mentioned that the planet Saturn heals those who pray and do good deeds. 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is recommended for persons with joint pain, arthritis, and other conditions affecting the bones and nerves.

The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is a well-liked bead due to its many advantages. Both business people and professionals wear it. To draw and stabilize riches, place two 7 Mukhi Rudraksha beads in the cash box. For the purpose of guaranteeing riches with stability and energizing them with mantras, the same can be stored at a place of worship. The 7 Mukhi hanging is utilized in the home or office to draw money and lessen Shani’s unfavorable impacts. For anyone with any type of pain, a 7 Mukhi Kantha is particularly well-liked.

The scriptures unambiguously imply that the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha wearer maintains his integrity while leading a prosperous life in the earthly world. Those who submit to the Goddess of Fortune with a pure heart are blessed with good fortune (Mahalakshmi). In order to connect to both Mahalakshmi and the other celestial spirits gracing this bead, we advise wearing it close to the heart.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Rules  

Rudraksha should be stored in a bowl with 1 scoop of Curd, Tulsi leaves, Honey, Gangajal, and Ghee for 10 minutes before wearing it. This will help activate and purify your Rudraksha, and at the same time remove any negative energy it may have. Now, remove the Rudraksha from the concoction after praying to God and washing it with holy water Gangajal. Now, 108 times, recite the mantra “Om Hreem Namah.” Then, wear the Rudraksha after that in silk or wool thread, or else have it capped in gold, silver, or copper.

Day of wearing 7 Face Rudraksha 

It is advised that you wear it on Mondays or Fridays.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Types

There are some types of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha, which are as follows: Gol Nepali, Collector, Regular, Premium, etc. All these types of Rudraksha have their own significance and benefits. Each type of Rudraksha is uniquely powerful and has the ability to change your life for the better.

  • The Gol Nepali type of Rudraksha is considered to be the most auspicious and powerful type of Rudraksha. It is said to bestow good luck, fortune, and success upon the wearer.
  • The Collector type of Rudraksha is also considered to be very auspicious and is said to bring good luck, fortune, and success in all undertakings.
  • The Regular type of Rudraksha is also a very powerful Rudraksha and is known for its ability to change your life for the better.
  • The Premium type of Rudraksha is also a very powerful Rudraksha and is known for its ability to change your life for the better.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Importance 

Apart from the benefits of this Rudraksha it also adds some significance to the life of the wearer.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with this Rudraksha, it is situated at the naval junction.
  • The Rudraksha helps to maintain the balance of this chakra and thus the wearer’s digestive system, energy, and overall functioning. It also builds self-esteem and gives the energy to live life to the fullest.
  • This Seven Mukhi rudraksha is best suited for the people of Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, and Virgo.
  • The people who are in the business of iron and steel, leather, shoes, or any material that is black in color.
  • It is said to represent the seven energy centers of the body and to be beneficial for balancing the chakras.
  • It is also said to be helpful in reducing stress, improving mental clarity and focus, and increasing willpower and confidence.
  • Wearing this rudraksha brings harmony and balance to one’s life.
  • It is also said to help in improving concentration and memory power.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

There are various spiritual, therapeutical, and other advantages that this Rudraksha gives to the person wearing 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.

  • General Benefits: This rudraksha aids in removing the pessimistic effect of its ruling planet Saturn. Along with it, the wearer gets the power to improve his financial stability in life. If one places two beads of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha can be placed in the locker of the almirah, purse, or cashbox then he can receive the benefit of gaining extra income.
  • Spiritual Benefits: Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with 7-faced Rudraksha. Balancing the chakra provides the internal strength, and fulfilled desires, and improves emotional instinct, in the life of the wearer.
  • Health Benefits: Along with spiritual and general benefits this Rudraksha also provides health benefits. It is considered to be helpful for the nervous system, neck, lower back, kidneys, paralysis, and control over distressing limbs.

Here are some points of benefits of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • Kings, Ministers, and others preferred Seven Mukhi Rudraksha to achieve Wealth and Prosperity in the ancient era.
  • Shani’s Mahadasha is highly reduced using the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Saptarishi’s symbol is the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is also believed that it may lead to the discovery of the hidden treasure.
  • It helps in treating heart disease, stomach pain, paralysis, anxiety, and weakness.
  • It is also beneficial in resolving day-to-day issues.
  • The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is also used to improve intuition.
  • It bestows a great deal of power on the person who wears it.
  • This Rudraksha is believed to help with money-related problems.
  • It removes bad luck from the person’s life.
  • The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is said to be utilized to boost one’s name, fame, and advancement.
  • This Rudraksha makes life obstacles-free to provide growth and success to the person.
  • It cures digestion-related problems.
  • It makes your creative power strong.
  • It helps to create new job opportunities in the life of the person.
  • 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is also said to be very helpful in improving memory and concentration.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Price

When it comes to Rudraksha, there is no one set price for the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha. The reason is, that there are a few factors that can affect the pricing. These include the place of origin, size, production number, and type of seller. If we take a look at the place of origin, it is said that Rudrakshas originating from Nepal are considered to be purer and more powerful compared to those found in Indonesia. As a result, Nepalese Rudrakshas are usually pricier.

Next would be the size of the Rudraksha bead. Larger beads are often seen as more valuable as they are rare. They are also said to hold more power within them. Not to mention, they are also more difficult to come by.

The production number is another thing to take into account when trying to determine the right price for a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha bead. lower numbers usually signify that the bead is older and rarer and thus, commands a higher price tag.

Finally, it is also important to consider who you are buying the Rudraksha bead from. A reputable seller who has been in the business for many years is likely to charge a higher price than someone who is new or unknown in the market. This is because established sellers have built up a good reputation and are known for selling high-quality beads.

How to Maintain Your Rudraksha?

There are some rules and regulations that need to be followed before and after wearing Seven Mukhi Rudraksha.

  • It is suggested that Rudraksha should not be worn during performing funeral rites and menstrual cycles for women.
  • One should remove the Rudraksha while sleeping at night.
  • One should not wash it with soap as it will dehydrate the holy beads. Thus, it is suggested to remove it while bathing.
  • Once a week the Rudraksha bead should be washed with water and oil, it can be almond or edible oil.
  • One can chant the basic mantra of Lord Shiva—” Om Namah Shivaya”—at least 11 times before wearing it.
  • This Rudraksha lasts for years, and the wearer can also pass it on to future generations.

FAQs Related To 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

1) What is 7 Mukhi Rudraksha?

The 7 Mukhi rudraksha is a sacred bead that is said to bestow divine blessings and protection upon the wearer. This bead is often worn by devotees of Lord Shiva, as it is said to be specifically blessed by the lord himself.

2) Why Should 7 Mukhi Rudraksha Be Worn?

The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha (Seven Mukhi Rudraksha) is known to eliminate misfortune from one’s life that obstructs any sort of development disregarding difficult work and devotion

3) When Should We Wear 7 Mukhi Rudraksha?

As the ruling planet of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is Saturn then it is considered that If this Rudraksha is worn on Saturday it will be advantageous for the wearer in the case of removing harmful effects of the planet. If the wearer wants to gain prosperity then he/she can wear it on Friday. So considering these two days the best one to wear is Seven Mukhi Rudraksha, It can be worn by keeping faith in Lord Shiva and oneself.        

4) What is the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra?

There are some mantras associated with this Rudraksha. Chanting them 108 times will help to get connected with Rudraksha in a strong way. Om Hum Namah Om Mahalakshmi Namah Om Namah Shivaya Om Hreem Kreem Gloum Hreem Shroum.

5) From Where Can I Get the Original 7 Mukhi Rudraksha?

There are various online and offline places where one can buy Rudraksha. But among those RudrakshaLife.com is an authentic website where you can find the original quality Seven Mukhi Rudraksha at nominal prices. You can visit the website now to get your Rudraksha along with astrological services.

6) What is the Mode of Payment?

At RudrakshaLife.com, we accept both offline and online payments. For any other information, you can visit our website or talk to our customer care representative.