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Get Lab Certified Original Thirteen Mukhi 3.85 g Rudraksha in IrreIt improves the wearer’s personality by making him more charming and clever, as well as making the personality more attractive. Additionally, It is beneficial for meditation and spiritual attainment. It offers the user enough confidence to face life’s obstacles and makes life easier to live. 13 Mukhi Rudraksha aids in the maintenance of the human body’s urinary and reproductive functions.gular Oval Bead shape.


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Unheated & untreated

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As per Shastra’s :

॥ त्रयोदशमुखो विश्वे देवेस्तध्दारणान्नरः सर्वान्कामानवाप्नोति सौभाग्यं मगलं लभेत ||

शिव पुराण, अ. २५, श्लो. ७९

By wearing a 13 mukhi Rudraksha one attains fulfillment of all desires. & gains good fortune.

Shiva Purana Chapter. 25, Shloka. 79


Essence of Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Kaamdev / Cupid. It is also blessed by Lord Indra and Mahalakshmi. This Rudraksha makes a person more expressive. This Rudraksha has a very high energy that results in attraction and expression. It is an ideal bead for politicians, retailers, sales and marketing professionals or business people who seek to attract and profit from the masses. It is the Rudraksha that should be worn by people who seek fulfilment of desires and worldly pleasures. As per the Padma Puran, the wearer of this bead is endowed with good luck and accomplishments.

Kaamdev / Cupid bestows his blessing on the 13 Mukhi Rudraksha. Additionally, Mahalakshmi and Lord Indra have blessed it. A person who wears this Rudraksha is more expressive. The intense energy of this Rudraksha causes attraction and expression. It is the perfect bead for politicians, company owners, sales and marketing experts, or anybody else looking to appeal to and profit from the masses. People who want worldly pleasures and the fulfilment of their wishes should wear the Rudraksha. The Padma Puran states that the owner of this bead is blessed with success and good fortune.

Benefits of wearing the 13 Mukhi Rudraksha :

  • General Benefits: It is believed that this bead provides the right vocal charm and power that enhances verbal communication. Argumentative and persuasive skills improve making an individual an extrovert. It enhances wit, charm and charisma and pushes up his personal magnetism. This Rudraksha is highly recommended for people in sales, marketing, public relations, artists and traders etc. It also gives riches accompanied by honour and fulfilled desires. Interpersonal relationships are positively enhanced.
  • General Advantages: It is thought that wearing this bead will improve verbal communication by giving the wearer the proper voice charm and force. An individual becomes more extroverted as their persuasive and argumentative abilities develop. It raises his level of personal appeal and amplifies his wit, charm, and charisma. For those who work in sales, marketing, public relations, artists, traders, etc., this rudraksha is highly advised. It also bestows money, honour, and the fulfilment of aspirations. Relationships between people are improved.
  • Spiritual Benefits: As per texts, the 13 Mukhi Rudraksha energizes the throat / Vishuddhi Chakra. It enhances the Chi / Pranshakti, in the Vishuddhi Chakra. Blockages and harmful residues in the physical plane are cleared when this Chakra is energized. Thus the complete power of the Vishuddhi Chakra is realised at optimum levels. Thus thoughts, emotions, consciousness and subconscious are purified and harmonised.
  • Spiritual Advantages: According to scriptures, the Vishuddhi Chakra (throat) is energised by the 13 Mukhi Rudraksha. It improves the Vishuddhi Chakra’s Chi or Pranshakti. When this Chakra is awakened, obstructions and poisonous residues in the physical plane are eliminated. As a result, the Vishuddhi Chakra’s full potential is realised. As a result, the mind, heart, conscience, and subconscious are cleaned out and harmonised.
  • Health Benefits: It is said to be beneficial for energizing the reproductive organs. The prostate glands in males are strengthened. It is highly effective in regulating the menstrual cycle in case of women who suffer from irregularities.
  • Benefits to Health: It is thought to be good for revitalising the reproductive organs. In males, the prostate glands are strengthened. If a woman has irregular menstruation, it is very successful in controlling the cycle.


Who should wear the Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha :

As per scriptures, the wearer of 13 Mukhi wins the desired favours needed for material and spiritual fulfillment. Hinduism states that desire has no form but information on the 13 Mukhi clearly states that these desires are manifested for the wearer of the 13 Mukhi. The right amount of balance between holding a desire, attracting the relevant resources and the passion to achieve is bestowed by the 13 Mukhi Rudraksha.

According to scripture, whomever wears the 13 Mukhi has the favourable circumstances required for both material and spiritual fulfilment. Hinduism holds that desire has no form, however information about the 13 Mukhi makes it abundantly evident that the wearer of the 13 Mukhi experiences the manifestation of these wants. The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha bestows the proper degree of harmony between maintaining a desire, drawing in the necessary resources, and having the passion to achieve.

The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha begins an alchemical and divine process that exhibits tremendous powers of attraction. The wearer gets to enjoy his life to the fullest potential. The luxuries of physical and metaphysical realms are thoroughly enjoyed by him. It is also known to attract forgiving divine energy to those who are remorseful for their sins.

The functioning of the 13 Mukhi is exactly similar to the deity who rules this bead! The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha confers luxuries, riches and bestows desire fulfilments. Kaamdev is pleased with the wearer and grants him accomplishments. It is also helpful for meditation and spiritual attainments that are occurring simultaneously with material benefits. The malefic effects of Venus are nullified as per Astrology.

The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha starts a mystical and alchemical process that has amazing magnetic properties. The wearer is able to live his life to the fullest. He luxuriates in the comforts of the material and spiritual worlds. It is also known to draw divine energy of forgiveness to individuals who are repentant of their faults.

The deity who controls this bead functions exactly like the 13 Mukhi! The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha bestows luxury, wealth, and the fulfilment of one’s desires. Kaamdev applauds the wearer and bestows accomplishments onto him. Along with the material advantages, it is beneficial for meditation and spiritual advancement. According to astrology, Venus’ unfavourable impacts are cancelled out.

The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha enhances charisma and charm providing a witty countenance. It brightens the auric field of the wearer, increases his attractiveness quotient and draws people towards the wearer. This is the divine bead of a confident, charming extroverted personality who can engage and entice people with the power of words.

The 13 Mukhi is a must wear for those who are involved in mass communication. Leaders, senior marketing professionals, traders, finance professionals and preachers benefit from wearing this bead.

The 13 Mukhi Rudraksha boosts charm and charisma while giving the wearer a wry expression. It enhances the wearer’s auric field, boosts his appeal factor, and attracts individuals to him or her. This holy bead represents a self-assured, endearing outgoing personality who has the ability to captivate and seduce others with words.

For individuals who work in public communication, the 13 Mukhi is an absolute necessity. Wearing this bead is beneficial for leaders, senior marketers, traders, finance professionals, and preachers.


Story of Kaamdev :

As per the Shastras, Kaamdev is a very enchanting and handsome deity. His mere presence could turn heads and hold people in a state of enchantment. He is also known as Kandarpa (God of passion and love). Lord Brahma, the creator blessed him saying that the 5 arrows given to him along with Vasant (a season abundant with greenery and blossoms) would ensure that when his arrows found their mark no God or human could resist his charm.

According to the Shastras, Kaamdev is a very alluring and attractive deity. His sheer presence has the power to capture attention and charm onlookers. His other name is Kandarpa (God of passion and love). Lord Brahma, the creator, praised him and said that the five arrows he had been given, combined with Vasant (a season of plenty for flowers and greenery), would make sure that when his arrows hit their target, neither Gods nor people would be able to resist his allure.

It was this very same boon that Kamdev used to disturb Lord Shiva’s penance so that Goddess Parvati would be noticed by him. It is only because of his intervention that Lord Shiva finally married Goddess Parvati and became a householder. Another myth states that when Lord Indra lost his kingdom and Goddess Mahalakshmi deserted him he was advised by Brihaspati (Guru of the Gods) and Lord Brahma to wear the 13 Mukhi graced by Kaamdev. Thus he retrieved the grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi and his kingdom after wearing it.

Kamdev utilised this very same boon to interrupt Lord Shiva’s penance so that he would recognise Goddess Parvati. The only reason Lord Shiva was able to marry Goddess Parvati and establish himself as a householder was due of his involvement. Another tale claims that Lord Brahma and Brihaspati, the Guru of the Gods, encouraged Lord Indra to wear the 13 Mukhi blessed by Kaamdev after he lost his dominion and Goddess Mahalakshmi deserted him. Thus, after donning it, he was able to regain both his kingdom and the grace of the goddess Mahalakshmi.

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Unheated & untreated

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